​Why is Vaping better than Smoking?


The act of inhaling vapor produced by a Vaporizer or Electronic cigarette is called Vaping. Vapor is produced from a material such as e- liquid, dry herb, or concentrate. This device turns material into Vapor.

The battery in the device generates the power for the heating element in the atomizer or cartomizer.

Top benefits of Vaping over Smoking

Its been a long time now since the inception of Vaping and the debate over it continues about the benefits of Vaping over smoking. Vaping has gained popularity very quickly, and e cigs are being used around the globe and their demand keeps on rising everyday. A lot of people are still confused about the health and safety of the Vape device however the increase in Vape shops and stores around the world tells a story about the on going rise in its fame.


E Cig benefits

·    No tobacco and no tar

·    Saves money

·    Choice of nicotine strength

·    Use anytime and almost anywhere.

·    Satisfies cravings

· No harmful Chemicals

· Cigs contain a very large amount of bad chemicals and toxins, nicotine, arsenic, cyanide, ammonia, lead, carbon monoxide and the list goes on and on. There are more than 25 chemicals used in cigs that can lead to lung cancer, stomach cancer etc. On the other hand the Vape juices contain a very less number of chemicals. The flavors in e liquids are FDA approved.

Not Hazardous to Health

Vaping is not injurious to health, in fact it helps you in many ways like:

1.  It helps you quit smoking.

2.  It is less addictive.

3.  It is less harmful for others

4. Not harmful for the environment.

5. It is convenient in use

6.  Its cheaper

7.   Non residual.

So, quit smoking now! And start Vaping!

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